Celebrating 5 Years!

Today is an exciting day for Essence Recruitment. Believe it or not, today marks 5 years since opening the doors and taking a leap into life as a small business owner. It’s crazy to think about how the years have flown by, but I am proud of what has been accomplished in those years!

In 2011, we opened the doors (well, partially anyways) to a one person show in a VERY small office. Over the years, a lot of lessons have been learned and mistakes made, but the key organizational values have always stayed intact – transparency, respect, community, integrity and honesty. Our goal was to be a business that worked hard to build long-term relationships, so we focused on fit and culture as opposed to just filling a job. This way of thinking has been the number one reason for our growth.

In the 5 years, we have had a lot of successes. Year over year, we have grown our client and referral base. We have a built a positive reputation, expanded naturally from professional recruitment into executive recruitment. And, as in most other small business, we will continue to evolve our services.

Over the next few months we will introducing our newest division, “People Strategies”. This division of Essence will focus on looking at the organization as a whole prior to the actual recruitment process. This approach will ensure that the organization understands what skillsets already exist within their team and where the gaps exist. It is also an important service to help organizations better understand their culture and values.

We are excited about how far we have come, but we are even more excited about the future! Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey and hope you will continue to trust your recruitment needs to Essence as we continue to grow.

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