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Close Your Interview on a Positive Note

We’ve all been there: It’s the end of the interview, and after nearly an hour of pouring your heart (and work experience) out to a potential employer, the hiring manager asks if you have any last questions before wrapping up. It’s meant to be a formality, of course—a way to end the conversation without kicking you out […]

Advice To New Graduates Still Looking For The Right Opportunity

College graduates who packed up their dorm rooms last month but still haven’t found a job may be beginning to feel nervous about their prospects. Liz Wessel, cofounder and CEO of student-focused job and internship match site, WayUp, has some advice for those who may be imagining the future as permanent residents of their parents’ basement. “I […]

It’s All About Finding The Right Fit For You.

The number one reason why employees change jobs varies depending on the source you’re reading. One list says its “appreciation and recognition,” while another says that “dissatisfaction with upper management” is to blame. But whatever reason is given, one thing’s for sure: It can be grouped under the overarching category of “cultural fit”. What Is Cultural Fit? When […]

It’s Graduation Season – 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Career

Welcome to the workforce, Class of 2016! Not two weeks ago, you were posing for tasseled cap pictures with your shiny new diplomas, packing your bags, and moving out of your college digs. But now it’s time to get down to business and put that hard-earned degree to good use. It may be stressful and […]

Words of Advice For New Graduates

If you’re one of the thousands of new graduates who have claimed their diplomas and set their sights on life after college this spring, job hunting is more than likely at the top of your priority list. As you polish your resume and take those first halting steps toward creating a LinkedIn profile, you probably […]

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Resume Current

The Pain-Free Way to Keep Your Resume Updated and Ready for Anything The logic behind updating your resume is a bit of a riddle. Unless you’re actively sending out applications, you’ll put off revising it until tomorrow. But all too often, great opportunities appear unexpectedly, and you’ll wish you’d edited it yesterday. That’s because you […]

4 Ways to Become a Successful Job-Hunter

4 Moves That Separate Successful Job Hunters From People Who Apply With No Luck There’s almost never a simple formula when it comes to which candidate goes the distance in a job search, and which one struggles for weeks or months (or even years) to find that perfect connection. So many things factor into the […]

You Have 6 Seconds to Grab the Attention of a Recruiter!

You Have 6 Seconds to Grab a Recruiter’s Attention—Here’s How to Do It  With the huge number of applications a job opening usually gets, it’s frustrating—but not much of a surprise—that most recruiters spend six seconds looking at your resume. So, what’s a job seeker to do? Stop putting effort into perfecting your resume bullet […]

Arrive at every interview armed with these 6 company facts

As a hiring manager, I was part of a collaborative interview process that usually involved a variety of team members. When we evaluated candidates after a round of interviews, the main question we asked was, “Do they really want this job?” What was interesting, but maybe not that surprising, was that how well a candidate […]

Three Ways to Increase your Chance of a Call Back

We are trained from a young age that right after we graduate high school or college, we need to find a job. We frantically throw together a resume and start applying to any company that lets us upload our profile, impatiently waiting for anyone to give us an offer. This mind-set tends to continue on […]