Improve your Recruitment Skills

Take the stress out of recruitment, learn how to hire top talent

Improve your Recruitment Skills

Take the stress out of recruitment, learn how to hire top talent

This course focuses on helping you recruit and hire top talent. We want to give you the tools and knowledge to recruit and hire by educating you on different methods and processes through a structured recruitment and hiring plan. Your successful takeaway is saving money and time and hiring the right employees that fit your culture.

Learn How to Recruit and Hire Top Talent

Improve your Recruitment Skills

Who should take this course?

Small to medium size businesses and not-for-profit organizations who are recruiting on the side of their desk. This can include anyone in a leadership or operational role that requires you to hire or support your organization’s recruitment and hiring process.

Why would you take this course?

Unable to attract talent 

Recruitment is not your strength 

Self taught

Low retention rate, hiring the wrong people

Only knows how to recruit by traditional job boards

It’s taking too much time



Recruitment to Hiring – a detailed step-by-step process that works

Learn how to recruit by several different methods

Learn how to create an interview guide with variety of different interview methods and questions

How to plan and stay organized when you are recruiting on the side of your desk

Certification of completion!

Dates for 2023


1-Day Course:  Sept 26

Nov 7, 14, 21, 28


Oct 3, 4, 5


Oct 24, 25, 26


Dates and Time Commitment

This 24-hour course is divided into 3 or 4 days.


Here's what students are saying:

Tracy Arno


Tracy Arno has built a successful recruitment firm from inception. She has been recruiting, hiring, and training for over 25 years and, more specifically,  almost 20 years in the recruitment industry. Tracy understands that hiring a firm is not always suitable for businesses. However, she knows companies still need the tools to properly recruit, hire and retain topic talent.  – recruitment is not everyone’s passion or expertise, and this course is for these businesses.

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