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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Job Seekers Ask

We help people find jobs and new careers. Please start by reviewing our current listing of available positions. If you’re qualified for one of those positions, please apply to it directly.

Keep in mind that not all of our positions are posted on our website. You can send us your resume or reach out to us to be considered for these positions.

Yes, you can send us your resume or reach out to us to be considered for future positions.

Questions Employers Ask

At Essence, we work with Not-for-Profit organizations and small to medium sized businesses. We focus on serving local clients from our branches in Saskatoon and Calgary.

Our clients come to us with a problem they need to solve, such as:

  • They’ve tried hiring for a position but can’t find good candidates
  • There is a need for confidentiality in the recruitment process
  • They don’t have internal capacity or expertise to manage the recruitment process

In all of these cases, the Essence team works to understand your situation and unique requirements. After that, we create a plan to find the right people for the position and make the transition as smooth as possible. Every situation is different, but the need is the same – to find the best people to join your team.

When a business is looking for help filling a position, we work with them to create a fee schedule. Our fees depend are based on your customized targeted recruitment plan and on the requirements to find the right candidate for the position. We have a nimble and comprehensive process that will make your recruitment successful. Our process includes:

  • Creating job descriptions
  • Screening candidates
  • Initial interviews
  • Administer aptitude, personality, and behavior assessments as required
  • Meeting with management to understand the culture of a team
  • Searching for excellent candidates locally, provincially, or nationally
  • Preparing interviewers for meeting candidates
  • Conducting reference checks
  • Negotiating the offer between our clients and the candidates
  • Providing transition and onboarding support

Every role we recruit for is different. However, most of our positions are filled within 1 to 4 months depending on the role. We establish a timeline at the beginning of the process as part of your recruitment plan.

Yes. We can recruit for your position in confidence. In these situations, we identify candidates from our database and evaluate their fit without revealing the organization or specific details of the role. We only disclose confidential details to shortlisted candidates that you approve.
Every recruitment starts with a targeted plan to identify the right candidates in the right industry or sector. Many of our roles are filled by finding and targeting these candidates by reaching out. We maintain a database of senior professionals we know will fit a position at a Not-For-Profit or SMB but do not limit our targeting plan to only these candidates.

Yes. We extend your search as broadly as is necessary to find the right candidate. Plus, our database includes candidates from across Canada. When we evaluate applicants from outside your city or province we look for candidates who will relocate for the long-term.

Many of our clients call us because they are recruiting members for their leadership team including managers, senior managers, and executives. We have experience in a broad range of industries. Some of our clients have in-house hiring teams who hire for operational positions but they need some specialized help to find their company’s senior leaders.

Yes. We work with you to put together a compensation package based on the role and our insight into current market conditions. The offer details form part of your recruitment plan.

Our job isn’t done just because a contract is signed. We will support you and your successful candidate through the onboarding process. Your recruitment plan will include onboarding priorities so that the candidate is successful in the role and becomes a long-term employee.

This isn’t common, but it does happen. Our process includes evaluating candidates for fit and setting expectations before they accept a position. In most cases, this helps with long term retention. We are confident in our process and offer customized guarantees for our clients.

General Questions

The Essence team owns your entire recruitment process from start to finish. When you work with Essence you don’t have to worry about the details – we handle every step from job descriptions to compensation packages and training plans. Our clients appreciate that we step in, take the lead, but keep them engaged and updated throughout the entire process.

We believe in transparency of services and giving you full services for your fee.

The Essence team are experts at recruiting not-for-profit and SMB executives into the Saskatchewan and Calgary markets.