Executive Recruitment

At Essence, we specialize in recruiting managers, senior managers and executives suitable to your organization’s fit, culture and values. Our executive recruitment team utilizes its extensive network across Canada to seek and engage qualified professionals that meet your standard in skills and expertise.

Since Essence launched in 2011, we’ve been successful in discovering and attracting executives with talent thanks to our comprehensive personal process. As a company, we strive to connect with our clients and candidates on a personal level. We are approachable, personable and collaborative. We seek to understand what skills and expertise are needed, and just as importantly we seek to understand the person behind the resume and who they are to ensure the FIT meets the CULTURE and VALUES of your organization.

Our Customized, In-Depth Approach

We work with you from beginning to end; from determining your needs and creating and implementing a customized recruitment plan to establishing an onboarding plan when a successful candidate has been chosen.

The only way to be effective is if we know the ins and outs of your organization’s culture, core values and challenges. We take the time to develop a partnership and absorb as much valuable information we can about your organization. We then apply this knowledge to develop a position specification to use and tailor your executive recruitment strategy.

Company Culture, Fit and Values

Essence strives to create a thoughtful process that fits your needs in finding a candidate capable of exceeding your expectations. We search for executives who can positively contribute to the growth and prosperity of your organization’s products or services.

You can trust that any candidates we present have endured an extensive, multi-step assessment process to ensure that they are the perfect fit for the position and your organizational culture. From assessments to interviews, we advocate your needs and provide you with support and guidance to achieve optimum results.

Essence ensures that the selected candidate will fit within – and enhance – the organization’s structure, culture and contribute to its success.

executive recruitment

Disciplines and Sectors:

We have extensive experience in a broad range of disciplines, including:

Sales, Operations, Marketing, Finance and Technical for Professional and Executives levels for Not for Profit and Small to Medium size businesses. 



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