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Your professional recruitment search firm.

At Essence we specialize in helping not for profit and Small to Medium (SME’S) business build their teams focusing on fit, culture and values. Our professional recruitment team utilizes their extensive network and expertise in a broad range of disciplines, including Sales; Marketing; Finance; Operations; and Technology; Engineering.


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The 9-Step Essence Recruitment Process


We work with you from beginning to end; from determining your needs and creating and implementing a customized recruitment plan to establishing an on-boarding plan when a successful candidate has been chosen. Here’s a snapshot of how it works.

  1. Gathering information

    We start by meeting with all stakeholders to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the position you’re filling and how we can help you meet your objectives.

  2. Creating detailed position profiles

    Based on the information we’ve gathered, we create a detailed job description, a compelling job advertisement, and a profile of the candidate who is qualified for the position and would be a great fit for your organization.

  3. Finding candidates

    We implement a recruitment process that is customized for each search to source the best possible candidates for each position.

  4. Identifying qualified candidates

    Our 2-step screening process is the secret to our success. We don’t just focus on what candidates can do, we also look at who they are to ensure they will be a good fit in the culture of your organization.

  5. Interviewing candidates

    We help you develop an interview process that will work for your organization and we support you throughout the process.

  6. Administering aptitude, personality, and behaviour assessments

    While resumés and interviews can tell you a lot about an individual, psychometric assessments can help you get a better picture of a candidate’s abilities and an expectation of how they might react in various work scenarios. Armed with this information, you can make a more informed recruitment decision.

  7. Conducting reference checks

    Once you’ve identified candidates you might like to hire, we’ll conduct extensive reference checks.

  8. Negotiating the offer

    We support this process by navigating expectations, bringing forward market standards, and ensuring you have all the tools to provide a competitive offer to convince your preferred candidate to accept the position.

  9. Providing transition and on-boarding support

    For your new employee to be successful over the long term, on-boarding is necessary. We can provide tools, procedures, and guidelines to help your new hire get up to speed quickly and begin contributing to your organization’s success.