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We are passionate about what we do, we deliver quality work in a timely manner and we don’t deviate away from our values.

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After working with international corporations, founder Tracy Arno followed her dreams of helping people with a personalized approach. Being in leadership roles enabled her to take the next step in becoming the entrepreneur she always wanted to be and began the journey of opening her own firm providing executive recruitment Canada wide, focusing on the FIT and CULTURE with her VALUES of Respect(ful), Integrity, Diversity, Community, and Quality. With Saskatoon booming and companies throughout Canada looking to grow their leadership teams, it was the perfect time to launch.

Essence Recruitment was established in 2011, providing one of Canada’s finest recruitment services. Essence’s Executive Recruitment services specialize in creating unique and tailored recruitment plans for each of their searches, finding the perfect individual whose goals and objectives align with the client’s. Being an expert in the field, Essence has recruited executive-level positions coast to coast. Their experts are there to collaborate and understand the needs of a business. In 2019 Essence expanded, opening another office in Calgary.

Why Essence?

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We understand that talented employees are crucial to growing a business, whether you are one of Canada’s largest organizations or a small to medium-sized company, we customize recruitment plans tailored to your organization’s culture and values. Our mission is to seek and place the right candidates with the right companies that exceed all expectations. We help and educate our clients by relieving stress, time and pressure while giving you our expertise, quality candidates and exceptional personalized service. Overall, we want our clients to be able to use their time to focus on what they do best to achieve their business goals.

We are one of Canada’s leading search firms, together our team of experts will guide you through all your recruitment needs. Our vision is to be the trusted experts in our communities, focusing on professional and executive search, with a nationwide influence.  

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