Small Businesses Can’t Afford NOT to Hire a Recruiter!

When it comes to hiring, many business owners don’t think twice about the process, they get caught up in just filling the position. By the time they zone in on the fact that there is a skill to hiring the right person for the right position at the right price, they have likely already experienced large amounts of frustration, wasted valuable time and either wondered why they haven’t found a suitable candidate yet or why their new recruit doesn’t actually fit in their organization or worse is not able to deliver the anticipated results.

Recruiting agencies provide a skill set that unfortunately many internal human resources teams really do not have the time or means to develop and maintain. When the market place is flooded with potential hires because the economy is in the tank, the right recruiters will help you identify the best candidate for your organization. Likewise, when the potential candidates are far and few between because the economy is hot and there are more job openings than qualified professionals, a partnership with a recruiting firm will ensure you gain access to the right potential hires. Recruiters cultivate a deep knowledge of the job market and its correlation to the economy of the region and the local business community. They nurture relationships with a wide array of potential candidates across sectors and keep their ear to the ground in terms of people who may be willing to entertain a job switch. They are also keenly aware of the recent positions offered in the region and the total compensation packages they commend. Recruiting agencies’ value comes from being able to match the right person not only to the position but also to the organization, hence ensuring a high hiring and retention success rate.

All recruiters are not equal. The most efficient recruiters will want to create a partnership with their client. They will know and understand your organization so they can source the most appropriate candidate for the particular vacancy faster and ensure the right fit. There is no doubt that most businesses understand the value that recruiters bring, unfortunately, many choose to ignore recruiters’ track records in a misguided way of protecting their bottom line.

Yes, many assume that recruitment fees are out of their reach. The fact is that the questions you should ask yourself are:

  • How much time can we afford to go without XYZ’s position being filled?
  • How is the vacancy affecting overall productivity and existing employees’ moral and efficiency?
  • What will hiring the wrong candidate cost the organization in the long run?
  • Does our internal human resources team have the manpower, resources and job market knowledge and sourcing ability to find the best candidate for the job?

If the answers matter to you and your bottom line, you cannot afford not to partner with a recruiter to ensure you hire the right candidate in the least amount of time, and who will fit within your organization and deliver the results you expect. Hiring is more than placing an ad online and sifting through resumes. It’s about finding the person who has the skillset, experience, knowledge and values to thrive in the environment your business offers.

Tracy, Joanne and Nicole at Essence Recruitment pride themselves in knowing and understanding their clients and their business to ensure they can source and deliver the best-fit employees. Their deep understanding of the recruitment process and professionalism in sourcing and securing candidates can save you time, effort and money in the long run.

You wouldn’t leave running your business to chance, why would you leave the recruitment of your team to chance?

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