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4 Hacks for Smarter Hiring

Getting the most out of your organization’s assets can help your organization earn a competitive advantage in 2020. Your organization’s People Strategies can serve as strong assets and tools that will allow you to hire and retain the right people to help your organization excel.  

Here are four hacks for smarter hiring and having better People Strategies in 2019.

  1. Be proactive. 
  2. Hiring out of desperation can cause many problems including higher employee churn which can cost your business up to 3 to 5 times an employee’s salary.  Want to save money and make your earnings go as far as possible this year?  Be proactive in your hiring strategies.  Start by investing in People Strategies such as your HR process and protocol.  Having these strategies in place will help make you ready to hire, interview, onboard and retain the right people before you become desperate. 

  3. Think long-term.
  4. Your job is not done just because you’ve hired a potentially amazing employee.  Hiring is only one of many steps needed for long-term successful People Strategy.   Even the most promising hires can become unproductive employees if not nurtured properly.   Having a long-term plan and focusing on training, growing and retaining your employees minimizes the risk that an employee will become the wrong fit. 

  5. Create better job descriptions.
  6. Job descriptions are another important piece of a successful People Strategy.  Job descriptions help set an organized standard for your applicants, new hires and employees.  Developing detailed, clear and professional job descriptions that include not only what they will be accountable for but also WHO is the right FIT that will be successful in the role make for clear and professional employee deliverables and performance measurements leading to optimizing employee performance and long-term success.  

  7. Be lean by leaning on the experts. 
  8. In today’s nimble, resource-rich business world, you don’t have to have heavy divisions like a full HR department or even a full-time dedicated HR manager.  Our professionals help Canadian businesses with their HR tasks and responsibilities.  Our team of HR experts provide a long list of A La Carte Human Resource services to fit your needs and budget.

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