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What makes Essence Recruitment unique?

As we completed our check-ins this month, we were reminded of why transparency and respect are two of Essence’s most important values.

When we called to check in, our clients and their new team members responded with more appreciation and gratefulness than usual. How could something that seems so simple to us be so meaningful to others?

We know one reason for sure—many of us have been surviving in isolation on our own little islands through this pandemic and we’re not communicating as much as we used to. Regardless of the reasons, the gratitude we received during our check-ins reminded us of why we serve clients the way we do.

As in any relationship, you want to work with someone who listens.

For us, working with you means getting to know you, meeting your people, understanding your organization’s history and where you’re headed, being an advocate for your organization, and ultimately finding a candidate who fits with your organizational culture and will help you achieve your objectives.

Your organization is unique, and so are your needs.

No two organizations are the same, therefore we don’t see the same solution to be a fit for every relationship. We personalize our services to meet the needs and expectations of your business. At the end of the day, our goal is to showcase your workplace values and culture to help you find the right candidate—someone who not only has the right qualifications but who will also fit well in your organization.

We’re looking for long-term relationships.

You might hire us to provide a service because of our expertise, but we don’t believe that the service ends just because we’ve fulfilled what we were hired to do. We genuinely care about long-term relationships and how our clients and the candidates we have placed are doing.

So, we keep checking in. It might be a simple gesture, but those check-ins can have a significant impact on the client/candidate experience even after our service has been completed. It’s a reminder that we care about your ongoing success and well-being, and it’s an important ingredient in our successful business relationships.

These relationships are why we love what we do!

We will never take the human side out of our business. We get to know you as people and as businesses. We care about our relationship with you over the long term, not just while we are working with you. We provide personalized services because no two humans or businesses are the same.

Published: April 28, 2021
Updated: April 29, 2022