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Importance of Women In Leadership

I have been a woman in a leadership role since my early twenties and now am an entrepreneur of almost 10 years. I have personally and professionally felt the effects of being a woman. From networking to a board room and business decisions. I have been disregarded, disrespected or passed over for a contract. Women make up just over half of Canada’s population, yet the number of women in a leadership role is painfully low. Research provided by Catalyst.com shows us that in 2018 men continued to hold about 90% of C-Level executive roles, while women made up just 10% of executive roles.

Despite spending equivalent time at a job, women are significantly less likely to be promoted than a man. Additionally, many women tend to take primary responsibilities for their personal home life while trying to build their careers.

We need more women in leadership roles, it is only now in 2020 that we are working more towards a more gender equality country. A report in 2017 shows that an increase in gender equality in the workplace can benefit Canada’s economy by as much as $150 Billion by the year 2026. We are strong, intelligent, compassionate people who bring substantial value to the economy.

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Not only does having women in leadership roles benefit Canada’s economy by influencing decision-making around policies, laws and management, but these leaders can act as role models or mentors for young women around the country. Being a woman in a leadership role I hope I can inspire other women to follow their dreams, grow their careers and feel confident in their abilities. The best thing about being a woman in leadership is that we stand together, encourage one another and grow together to make a better future for our daughters.

Published: July 15, 2020
Updated: August 25, 2021
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