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Is Working With A Professional Recruitment Firm Still Relevant?

Recently, I had a couple of Ah Ha moments in my career. I have been recruiting for 15 years in the industry and have seen many changes due to several factors. Factors that include:

  • How utilizing technology has recruiters changing their ways.
  • How one seeks and chooses to work with a search firm.

My 1st Ah Ha moment was when reflecting, how technology has changed our industry for good but maybe not for the better. I remember the days when I had to pick up the phone book and start calling, asking questions, and building relationships and trust, now we can research, connect online and send a message in seconds. The effort to connect with people has changed, some would say this is lazy, some would say this is efficient.

What do I think? I think technology has made our research more efficient but have lost the need or desire for the personal touch to reach out and find the right people. And we are paying the price. I think our industry is getting some slack. I am hearing the objections when asking clients with previous experience when dealing with search firms: “The quality isn’t there”, “The prices are high for the results”, “The service is OK at best, we could do better internally.”

What has changed? We are missing that human connection therefor missing key elements of the right fit for the right culture. I believe technology has made our research more efficient but our actual efforts to reach out and connect has made some of us lazy. Technology has abled us to lose our creativity, our drive to continually connect with the top performers and stay connected. It is so easy to send a message to a stranger and not have to build that trust, there is no motivation to stay relevant. Don’t get me wrong, technology is a great resource but it’s just one resource. Our value is our expertise, ability to build relationships with key stakeholders, AND our dedication to finding the right people using multiple methods and resources.

My 2nd Ah Ha moment came when I realized that when one is shopping for a recruitment firm, you may not understand nor want to understand our process, that’s not why you hired us. Essence has worked really hard on the process, and is proud of our results. This is how we have been promoting our value ad, thinking this is what you want to know to when making a decision to hire a search firm. We were wrong.  At the end of the day, you want the best of the best, no matter how we do it, just get us the best because that is what we are being paid for.

However, when hiring a firm, I would encourage you to ask more questions around the process and WHO is leading that process. National firms vs a Boutique firm, what’s the difference? National firms seem to be ideal, as they market their national reach but at the end of day, who is the person behind the recruit and do they really seek to understand your company and who you are looking for or are you a transaction? As a boutique firm, I am proud of our process and because we live and breathe it, our results haven’t changed.  We still recruit the best FIT for your culture with a personalized service.  We don’t believe in quantity; we believe in quality.

Overall, I am successful at what I do because I build trusting relationships. Yes, we have implemented tools, software, and analytics to our process, but we ensure that is not what makes the final decision. It’s about the person behind the name and title.

Tracy Arno

It’s about having a live conversation, not relying on an impersonal message, a text or an email. As a recruiter, I want to get to know you, the person, not just what you can do. As a company, we work hard at our process to ensure we have the right FIT for your culture. Besides, would you not want to work with a local company, support your local economy, and stand behind the expertise in your own community? If you are looking for a personalized recruitment firm, lets connect and see how Essence can partner with you.

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