5 Key Things You Should Expect from Your Executive Recruitment Firm

5 Key Things You Should Expect from Your Executive Recruitment Firm

Finding and recruiting the best talent for your team requires a significant amount of effort, resources, and expertise. If your organization is smaller or mid-sized, sometimes bandwidth is in scarce supply. In which case, you may want to partner with an executive search firm. 

But did you know that not every executive recruitment firm is the same? All search firms (also known as “headhunters”) are different and their processes vary depending on the organizations they work with.

The right search firm can save your team a lot of time and, in turn, money. If you’re not sure whether an executive recruitment firm is right for your organization or not, let’s talk about what the recruitment process involves. This way, you know exactly what services and support your team needs to find the best talent.

How to Pick the Right Executive Search Firm

When engaging with an executive recruitment firm, it’s important to note that some firms are better suited for larger companies. Larger organizations already have dedicated human resources departments or experienced executive search teams.

In contrast, if your organization is a smaller or mid-sized business or non-profit, you need to be sure you’re getting an executive recruitment service that is customized to fit your organization both in terms of size and expertise. This could mean writing the job description, onboarding your new hire, and everything in between.

For instance, Essence Recruitment specializes in small business and not-for-profit organizations. Partnering with a firm in your specific niche or industry means you get a tailored experience and none of the details get missed in the process.

Whether this is your first time working with an executive search firm or you haven’t gone through the recruitment process in a while, here are some important things to consider to make the most of your recruitment partnership.

What Your Executive Recruitment Firm Should Do

1. Write a Detailed Job Description

Your executive search firm starts by setting a meeting with all stakeholders to ensure they have a thorough understanding of the position and your employer brand. The information gathered is the basis for your ideal candidate profile and a detailed, compelling job description that will attract top talent. 

From there, your recruitment firm will create a job advertisement and begin sourcing potential, qualified candidates who would be a great fit for your organization.

2. Create an Interview Process

The executive recruitment firm will help you develop an interview process that works for your team and arms you with the information to make an informed recruitment decision. Once the search firm screens potential candidates for qualifications and fit, they will support your team through the interview process.

The interview process might include meeting with multiple stakeholders or perhaps administering aptitude, personality, and behaviour assessments for shortlisted candidates. Your search firm will help you establish a process that will get you an idea of your candidates’ abilities and how they might react in various situations.

3. Source Qualified Candidates

Next, the executive recruitment firm begins searching for potential candidates. One of the biggest benefits of working with a search firm is the ability to tap into their existing database of top talent.

Your recruitment firm will reach out to their network or use other sources to identify, screen, and present talent that best match your ideal candidate profile. And more importantly, qualify their soft skills for the best fit with your company culture. After all, a healthy work environment and positive employer brand attracts and retains the best talent in the long term!

Once you’ve interviewed and identified the qualified candidate you’re interested in hiring, the search firm will conduct extensive reference checks on behalf of your organization.

4. Present an Offer

Your executive search firm will work with you to develop a detailed compensation package that meets market standards and to incentivize your preferred candidate.

And should there be any negotiations between your organization and your candidate, the recruitment firm will facilitate the process to ensure you’re both happy, satisfied, and get your relationship started on the right foot.

5. Support the Transition and On-Boarding

Finally, the recruitment firm will help both your organization and new hire get set up for success. To do this, both orientation and onboarding are necessary. Your executive search firm is responsible for working with you to establish the tools, procedures, and guidelines to help your new hire get up to speed quickly and begin contributing to the success of your organization.

Essence Recruitment owns the entire recruitment process, including the transition and onboarding! Whether this is your first time working with a search firm or you’re looking for a new specialized partner, you can trust we have the experience to get the details right.

Reach out to Essence and find out more about what an executive recruitment firm can do for your small or mid-sized organization and our unique process.

Published: September 15, 2022
Updated: September 27, 2022